The Best of Friends

Jarrod and Caven develop the best relationship.

“It’s just as fulfilling for me as it is for him.” These words, spoken by 2014 Local Big Brother of the Year Jarrod Howell, sum up what it truly feels like to be a Big Brother. Jarrod and his Little, 12-year-old Caven, have been matched since 2010 and are looking forward to spending even more time together.

Jarrod was experiencing empty nest syndrome with his kids leaving for college when he decided to look into becoming a Big Brother. One of his good friends was in the program at the time and Jarrod, seeing the connection his friend had with his Little, decided to become a Big. “I got matched up with Caven and his mom and, really, it just took off from there. I remember it like it was yesterday when Caven and I met for the first time. It’s been great,” says Jarrod.

The pair has made some awesome memories together over the past couple of years. They both agree the Bengals game they went to a while back is their favorite memory together. Jarrod and Caven also travelled to Chillicothe, Jarrod’s hometown.

Jarrod finds the companionship the most rewarding part of being a Big. “He’s an interesting guy and has a lot to offer. He’s really bright, he listens, he pays attention, and he helps me become a better listener,” says Jarrod. Caven is also a straight-A student and likes science class the most.

Caven says his favorite part of being a Little is the bonding. “We are able to bond, have a good time, and have some guy time,” Caven says.

They are planning more fun activities to do together in the future. Bowling is on the agenda, as well as fishing and boat racing at Delco Park.